Mediation can most easily be understood as facilitated communications toward an agreement. In mediation, participants themselves, with the mediator’s impartial assistance, resolve their own dispute, seeking fairness and the maximization of benefits. Family, business, property, and organizational disputes can be effectively mediated to a fair and constructive resolution that participants believe in and will comply with.

Legal Partners through George Christofides, Kyriakos Orphanides, Chariklia A. Metti and Kassiani Orfanidou, who are registered Mediators, are offering Mediation in the following areas:

Family Mediation: Divorce, separation, post-decree mediation, including the resolution of issues of custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, and property and debt division, are opportunities to fairly and constructively restructure family relations and finances. Step-family, non-traditional partnerships, prenuptial, cohabitation, parent-child, elder care, and adoption agreements can also be effectively be mediated as can family business and estate disputes. In all these cases, clarity and resolution can be achieved without the trauma and expense typically associated with the adversarial treatment of family disputes. Each party’s interests are fully heard and honored, both in the mediation process and in the resulting agreement. Family mediation allows family members the opportunity to fairly, clearly, and creatively structure their future relations.

Business Mediation: Business mediation typically involves facilitating the formation, ongoing operations, or dissolution of a partnership or corporation, or the resolution of disputes between interdependent businesses. The outcome of business mediation can be a general or limited partnership agreement, agreements between stockholders, articles of incorporation, and by-laws. Contractual arrangements between businesses and between a business and its employees or contractors, or between employees, can also be effectively mediated. Mediation can also be effective in conjunction with a partnership or corporate dissolution, merger, or reorganization.

Organizational Facilitation: The facilitative mediation approach can also be effectively applied to intraorganizational disputes and issues. Meetings of partners, boards of directors, managers, employees, etc., can be effectively facilitated to increase participation, understanding, commitment, and morale within the organization. A part of the facilitative effort typically includes the training of meeting leaders in utilizing facilitative techniques for future meetings and conflicts.