Fiduciary Services

Through its highly qualified and experienced corporate personnel, Orphanides, Christofides & Co LLC, via its licensed fiduciary companies, offers advice and solutions on all matters relating to the registration of any kind of legal entity registration in Cyprus. Drawing from its experience in the services sector and long-term ties with professional associates from around the globe, Orphanides, Christofides & Co LLC can offer the following services to its clients:

Our areas of work include:

Re-Domiciliation of Companies to Cyprus

Cyprus Company Law permits the so called “re-domiciliation” process allowing a company to transfer its “seat” of incorporation into or out of Cyprus (Companies (Amendment) Law of 2006, Law No. 124(I)/2006).

Foreign companies that choose to transfer their domicile to Cyprus can do so without winding-up their business or legal entity and are able to benefit from the advantageous tax regime that Cyprus offers.

Domiciliation Services

We can provide a registered office and a registered address. This is essential for registering a Cyprus company.


We can undertake the incorporation of any type of Cyprus entity or we can facilitate the acquisition of shares in an already existing shelf company. We will make sure that you utilize all the benefits of including Cyprus in your tax structure.

Secretarial, Administration

We will undertake routine correspondence, prepare and execute resolutions, arrange payment of invoices, maintain statutory records, issue and safe keep certificates, issue powers of attorney and ensure compliance with local regulations. This allows you to focus on your core business, while we handle all the paperwork.

Banking Services

Opening and managing bank accounts can be time-consuming. We have the necessary knowledge and immediate contact with all major local banks to handle this side of your business in Cyprus with only minimal involvement on your part.

Nominee and Trustee Services

We can provide directors, nominee shareholders, a secretary in accordance with local requirements, as well as strategic planning. Efficiency, reliability and confidentiality are understood.

Accounting and Corporate Compliance

These include accounting maintenance, tax registration, tax returns, VAT registration, VAT returns, annual returns, payroll services as well as with liaising with auditors. Our service ensures that all salaries are paid promptly and tax obligations are met within the set deadlines.

Escrow Services

We make sure that funds and documents change hands at the appropriate point in time, after the conditions have been met. This service protects your interests and eliminates risks.

Cyprus Regulatory and Licencing

We will guide you step by step in order to successfully complete and obtain any required licensing from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) and the Cyprus Stock Exchange. We can assist you with the establishment and licensing of a Cyprus Private Fund (ICIS), investment companies, and Forex companies, as well as with company listing on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. Our familiarity with the requirements and complex regulatory procedures allows us to minimize the time it may take and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Cyprus Citizenship – Access to EU

An applicant can be granted access to EU citizenship through the successful completion of the Cyprus citizenship-by-exemption program.

Through its endeavors to promote foreign investment in Cyprus and to simplify the process relating to the entry of foreign nationals wanting to invest here, the Cyprus government has amended its immigration laws and adopted a number of policies that grant third country or non-EU individuals either a residence permit in Cyprus or a Cyprus (EU) passport.

Our team of immigration specialists have extensively reviewed and taken into consideration the recent legislative amendments and are equipped with the critical know-how needed to deal with all relevant immigration matters in Cyprus.

We can provide you with assistance in the preparation and submission of all immigration applications for Cyprus passports, purchase of property and also in obtaining any required visas, working and/or residence permits.

Because we understand the challenges that come with adhering to every regulatory requirement, we will remove the stress of getting ready the paperwork to be filed with the relevant immigration authorities.

We will also represent you in liaising with the necessary immigration departments so as to ensure that your application is dealt with and processed as effortlessly as possible, and with a positive result.

Our immigration service may include assisting you in the purchase of property in Cyprus, drawing up of any type of required contract, for example, rental, purchase, and so forth and/or financial assessments to minimize the amount of actual investment required for passports (e.g. back to back loans arrangements) and introducing you to local banks.

Our services and support for the duration of the application’s approval procedure

Our offering of services and support will cover a variety of steps and stages. Namely:

  • Advice to the applicant in face to face meetings with him/her on meeting the required criteria including discussion and advice on actions that may be deemed necessary;
  • Thorough examination of the required documents in order to ensure that all the necessary requirements are met and that all the required documentation is of the appropriate standard;
  • Submission of a letter by Orphanides, Christofides & Co LLC addressed to the Minister of Interior accompanying the application by means of which our professional opinion would be presented and arguments will be stressed as to why approval of the particular application would constitute a benefit to Cyprus;
  • In addition to the above we are committed to a continuous monitoring for the duration of the approval procedure and briefing of the applicant.